Enjoy the next week ends in Sudan!

The holiday season is approaching and we are excited to announce some group departures over the next week ends.

2 days – Meroe and its treasure shows all the highlights of the Meroitic civilization, from the lost temples in the desert of Naga to the great Enclosure of Mussawarat. The amazing pyramids of Meroe which are the real highlights of North Sudan to Sabaloka Gorge and a short boat tour on the 6th cateract.

Overnight in our exclusive Meroe camp.

Operational dates:

  • 15th  and 16th of December
  • 22nd and 23rd  of December

 2 days –  Christmas in Karima crossing the empty Western desert to arrive on the small town of Karima which is home to so many treasures dated back to the New Kingdom of Egypt and the ancient capital Napata of the XXIV dynasty  – the Black Pharaohs dynasty.

Celebrate Christmas in our charming Nubian Rest House with special traditional party. 

Operational date:

  • 24th  and 25th December

 Pls contact our Khartoum office for  information and booking.