Stay home, stay safe and TRAVEL with us!

Due to the current situation worldwide we are forced to stay home in order to be safe.
The one thing we do have control over at the moment is the way we use our time during this challanging period.
So why not to travel and dream anyway?

On our social profiles (see the top of this page to follow us) we will bring you on virtual trips across Sudan starting with scheduled departures, then short breaks and some further focus on the country, so you can learn more on this hidden but extremely precious destination in North Africa and maybe consider it for your next trip when the storm will give way to blue sky.

Please also don’t forget to take care of your self and do that LONG list of personal things we never have time for!
Keep healthy, do some exercises and relax a bit, declutter and enjoy quality time with family and friends (with the help of technology if you are far away), keep reading books and travelling with your mind!

Stay home, stay safe, stay positive!