Pre-tour to Soleb

If you have more days to enjoy the itinerary to discover the Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs, take advantage of the opportunity of visiting Soleb, with its fantastic Egyptian Temple, considered the most beautiful of all Sudan, passing through Sebu and Tombos, and then reaching the rest of the group at Karima.

3 days
all accommodated

Services included:

  • meeting at the airport and private transfer to a hotel of your choice (included only if arrival and departure match the tour dates – paid separately in case of arrival out of date)
  • mineral water when on tour
  • meals as indicated on the itinerary (B.L.D.)
  • transport with Toyota Land Cruisers (4 people per car) or Toyota Hilux (3 people per car) outside Khartoum; minivan or bus in Khartoum
  • 2 full board nights in 2 Nubiane Private Homes (sleeping bags will be provided) + 1 night at the Nubian House of Karima
  • English Guide (available on request and listed separately for less than 6 people)
Day 1: Karima – Dongola – Sai Island – Soleb

We drive west through the Nubian Desert. We reach the Nile and we cross the bridge to Dongola. We continue north on the western side of the Nile on the new asphalt road that crosses part of the Western Desert which in some areas has some nice granite formations. We reach the Temple of Soleb. Here we have our picnic lunch in the house of the guardian of the temple. After lunch we drive a further half a hour north to then cross the Nile on a fisherman boat to reach the Island of Sai an important archaeological area where we can find ancient remains from Kerma civilization, Egyptian and Christian culture. During the navigation to the island we may see Nile crocodiles on the shore of the river. After the visit we return to main land and drive back to the private house in Soleb where we will spend the night.

Meal plan
  • Picnic lunch
  • Dinner prepared by our cook
Soleb - private house
Day 2: Soleb – Ferry crossing – 3rd Cateract – Sebu – Tombos

This morning we visit the Temple of Soleb, the most beautiful Egyptian temple of all Sudan, testimony of the New Kingdom in Nubia, with many walls rich in hieroglyphic inscriptions, bas-relief figures and many columns. We then drive south leaving the main road to reach the Nile and following it among some villages before arriving to the ferry. Here we cross the River to arrive to the Eastern bank just north of the rapids of the Third Cataract which used to be the third huge obstacle that the ancients Egyptians had to face when trying to sail on the Nile River.  We walk up the hill to the ancient Ottoman Fort where we can have beautiful views of the cataract. In Sebu, right on the river bank of the Nile it is possible to visit one of the richest sites of rock engraving of all Sudan with hundreds of images from prehistoric to Egyptian times. We continue driving through the Nubian villages and among the huge rocks of the Third Cataract to the village of Tombos. Here there were the ancient granite quarries with the remains of a statue of the King Taharqa, simply left there in the desert about 2800 years ago and some interesting Egyptian stele engraved on the rocks.

Meal plan
  • Picnic lunch
  • Dinner prepared by our cook
Tombos: private house
Day 3: Tombos - Kerma - Karima

A short drive this morning takes us to Kerma where we visit the majestic “Defuffa” the monument that characterizes Kerma civilization. Very interesting is the museum created by the Swiss archaeological mission after the recovery of seven statues of the Black Pharaohs in 2003.
Time permitting we shall also visit the Eastern Defuffa located in the middle of the Necropolis. In order to reach it we need to cross agricultural fields. In the afternoon we reach Karima where we shall join the rest of the group.

Karima Nubian Rest House