Our senior cultural guides and in-house-archaeologist Dr Hatim El Nour has been appointed by the New Transitional government Prime Minister Abdellha Hamdock as “DIRECTOR OF NCAM SUDAN – NATIONAL CORPORATION OF ANTIQUITIES AND MUSEUM”.

This is such a great honour for Hatim to be selected for this position and we are all sure he will do a great job for his country, especially in protecting, maintaining and give the right value/exposure to the archaeological sites.

We are very proud of Hatim, he deserves this position; we lose one of our top guides but the country gains an enthusiastic, loyal and incorruptible employee.

Since 2005 Hatim has worked with us as a tour guide: he has always been a brilliant archaeologist still searching for the roots of Sudanese people, tribes and history.
He loved being a guide because this gave him the opportunity to maintain contact with the hidden archaeological sites of Sudan, to visit them regularly and to show them to the travellers.
He has always lived between Paris -with his wife- were he got his PhD at Lille University and Sudan where he was born he studied in the Khartoum University and did many researches. He is currently working in adapting his thesis and PhD into a book which will be a good source for the travellers who wants to get a closer and deepen knowledge of the Sudan history.

Studying today’s rural areas and communities in Sudan we can understand our roots. Everything we do has an archaic origin” these are Hatim favourite lines and following those he has always lead our guests through a journey which started from the most ancient times and ended in modern Sudan.

For me working as tour guide, its un opportunity to introduce this beautiful country to the international guests, as well as people, land and the forgotten history

We wish Hatim all the very best for this new important and challenging position!

We are sure you all will share our happiness.
This is what ITC was hoping for: support the growth of the employees who will help the growth of this country we love, The New Sudan!