Responsible Tourism

We are committed to protect the environment, its resources and the people of Sudan.
It is quite difficult to do so in Africa, however in our tours, we are trying our best to minimize the production of non disposable rubbish, we try to be as “green” as possible and to preserve the friendliness of the Sudanese people.

Support the local communities: in our properties of Meroe and Karima, we employ only local staff (with the exception of the Italian Manager).
We travel often in remote areas of north Sudan, we visit local houses, nomads huts and stop at wells in the desert, we have a strong company policy of NOT giving out money for photos etc. If people offer us tea/coffee etc we may (according to circumstances) give small gifts like fresh fruit, sugar or tea, which are very precious goods in this part of Africa.
We proudly support the NGO Amici del Sudan/Friends of Sudan.
We take care (free of charge) of the local operations and logistic they have in Sudan.

Go Green: In both properties of Meroe and Karima we have our own water wells.

Water is the most precious things on Earth – although available, we kindly ask the guests to consider it as a very precious gift and do not waste it!
At the Meroe Camp we have solar panels which produce the hot water needed in the winter months for the showers.
We are trying to minimize the production of rubbish. As you may be very well aware when travelling in Africa, about the huge problem of the plastic bottles/bags which are found everywhere near villages, cities etc. In all our quotations we include mineral water, we are committed to limit the amount of plastic bottles we use on tour, not the amount of water we give to our guests.