Sudanese: a population that continues to welcome!

A population that is suffering but despite everything continues to welcome.
We have always described the Sudanese people as peaceful, smiling and big-hearted. Even in these difficult times they have shown themselves for what they are: a welcoming and hospitable people.
Over the centuries, the Sudanese people have been brought to their knees repeatedly. And each time, like a phoenix, it has been reborn from the ashes of its land. Despite the difficulties, it has never forgotten the values that distinguish it: a welcoming, hospitable, kind, altruist, resilient and authentic people.

We have been in Sudan since the 90ies, creating a strong and precious local network that has allowed us to locate Sudan on a tourist map. Our “Sudanese family” is now suffering and we, together with you, our network of travellers and partners, will not leave them alone. We will continue to support them with all the means we have, including telling you how incredibly welcoming these people are!
We will be waiting for you back here when this senseless conflict is over.

Sudan deserves better! ❣️

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ph.Luis de las Alas


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