Let’s not forget the Sudanese people

Our partner NGO Friends of Sudan has launched 2 new campaigns to support the Sudanese people in these tragic times. The NGO is dedicated to providing urgent humanitarian aid to hospitals and food shelters in Sudan.

The situation in Sudan is critical, with hospitals struggling to cope with an overwhelming influx of wounded civilians and limited resources. Many hospitals in Khartoum have been damaged or destroyed by the bombs, leaving very few options for the people in need. If you wish to join FOS in this mission, you can provide essential medical supplies, equipment, and emergency aid to war-torn hospitals and to private doctors, who are risking their lives to help the wounded. Here you can find their “Healing Hearts” campaign.

In addition to the health situation, with the recent escalating violence, millions of people are displaced and were forced to abandon their homes, livelihoods, and possessions due to the conflict’s devastating effects. The war has disrupted food supply chains and, by being displaced with no home and job opportunities, many families are vulnerable, left without access to essential nourishment. Malnutrition rates are soaring, especially among children and women. With your help, FOS can provide essential food assistance to these displaced individuals through different food shelters in the country, offering a lifeline of nourishment and sustenance during their suffering. Here you can find their “Sudan Solidarity” campaign.

All the ITC team is supporting Friends of Sudan in these difficult times. Join us in standing with Sudan, as we work together for peace, healing, and hope. Your support in any of those campaigns can make a world of difference in the lives of many Sudanese people. Thank you!




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