From Sudan to new destinations

One year has passed since the start of the conflict in Sudan and our first season without selling trips in the land of the Black Pharaos is coming to an end. This year was very sad for our entire team, with all of our Sudanese colleagues who had to move to different cities or countries for safety. Not much we can do at this point, if not continue our prayer for a stop to the war, support our colleagues and NGO, and wish for the best.

Nevertheless, we took this year also as a new start and we decided to work hard on new projects. We could not just wait for things to settle in Sudan. We are proud of our last year as we have improved our proposals in South Sudan, Eritrea, and Djibouti and we added new destinations like Socotra, Somaliland, Chad, and West Africa to our portfolio.

Thanks to your support we have also received some group confirmation and we look to next season with positivism and hope for more reservations.

In the next months, we will still be able to organize trips in Eritrea, as the summer months are still a good option to discover the country, and we will work on promoting our itineraries and group departures for the next season!


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