Socotra Trekking

In this trip we have devised a trekking itinerary that does not respect the classic itinerary but, where and when possible, will allow us to depart from the usual routes in order to fully immerse ourselves in the magic of the island. This trip to Socotra is a special, unique and unrepeatable experience because this island deserves to be visited and discovered with the utmost respect. Our objective will be to explore it ‘step by step’.


8 days

PRICES STARTING FROM: 3.190€ per person*

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The quotation includes:

  • Accommodation in tented camp F/B
  • Toyota 4×4 Jeep for Socotra tour
  • Private boat for excursion from Qalansya to Shouab
  • Last night hotel Summerland shared room
  • Local English Speaking guide
  • Tour Leader from 6 pax
  • Local staff with cook
  • mineral water for the whole trip
  • Protected area fees and all other fees
  • Flights to Socotra A/R (1000$ aprox.)


The quotation does not include:

  • Personal Insurance
  • Guide’s and driver’s tips
  • Socotra Visa
Day 1 / Socotra airport - Hadiboo - Ayhaft Canyon

Meet the local team on arrival at the Hadiboo airport.
We will be heading to Ayhaft Canyon National Park. In the canyon we will enjoy huge pools of fresh water where we can swim surrounded by tamarind trees, cucumber trees and an incredible variety of birds such as the sunbird of Socotra (Chalcomitra balfouri). Ayhaft Canyon is considered a natural nursery because of the great abundance of endemic trees, plants and birds, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most important observation sites on the island. After having spent our day surrounded by the island’s nature, we will transfer to the west coast. (2 hrs walk)

Dinner and overnight stay camping.


Meal plan
  • Dinner
Day 2 / Ayhaft Canyon - Diksam Plateau

After breakfast from the sea we will drive to the central area of the island within the Diksam plateau to reach wadi Daneghan, the starting point of our trek. After loading the equipment onto dromedaries, we will start hiking for 3-4 hours to Kishan, crossing wadis surrounded by endemic plants. Lunch in Kishan.
The walk is relatively easy because all the heavy equipment is carried by dromedaries. This will will give us the opportunity to admire the beauty of the mountain trail. We will spend the night at an altitude of around 700 metres altitude, in the tented camp of Demalha.

Full board and overnight stay camping.

Meal plan
  • All meals included
Day 3 / Diksam Plateau

This morning, we set off on the trek to the most beautiful and interesting area, that of Fa’arah where there is a high density of vegetation, you will be amazed by a jungle of huge plants and the Hajjher mountains with their granite peaks including Jebel Skand the highest peak on the island, which reaches 1525 metres above sea level.
We then continue the trek to wadi Da’aharoh.

Full board and overnight stay camping.

Meal plan
  • All meals included
Day 4 / Diksam Plateau

The Firmhin Forest is the forest where we encounter the greatest concentration of ‘dragon’s blood’ trees (Dracaena cinnabari). The tree got its name from its red fluid that bears some resemblance to dragon’s blood. The sap oozes naturally from fractures and sores in the bark. The fluid from the dragon’s blood tree dragon’s blood has several functions, including medicine as an antiseptic and for treating tumours, and it works as a varnish. The dragon blood tree is also known to be an endemic evergreen. Our guide will show us how to collect the tree’s precious red resin.

We will continue the hike to Derhur Canyon, where we will come across unusual rock formations and can swim in the natural pool.

Full board and overnight stay camping.

Meal plan
  • All meals included
Day 5 / Diksam Plateau - Harher

After breakfast we drive to the northern coast to reach Ras Hersel, where we
camp at a beautiful, secluded beach. We spend the day relaxing on the beach and admiring the sunset over the dunes of Harher.

Full board and overnight stay camping.

Meal plan
  • All meals included
Day 6 / Harher - Ditwa Lagoon

Early morning excursion to the Harher dunes, early lunch and transfer by car to the Ditwah lagoon. The transfer by car will take about four hours, including some stops along the way. We will reach Ditwah Lagoon in time to enjoy the majestic sunset at this place that cannot be told.

Full board and overnight stay camping.

Meal plan
  • All meals included
Day 7 / Ditwa Lagoon - Shoab Beach - Qalansiya - Hadiboo

In the morning around 9am we will sail from Qalansya to Shoab beach, where we will spend a few hours and lunch in the village of Qaban. Return to Qalansya around 4pm, where we will have a chance to visit the village before returning to Hadibu to spend the last night at the Summerland hotel. Dinner will be at a charming Yemeni restaurant where we will enjoy the famous local bread.

Full board and overnight in a local hotel.

Meal plan
  • All meals included
Day 8 / Hadiboo - Departure

Breakfast and transfer to airport.

Meal plan
  • Breakfast
Departure date
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