Contact us

If you are resident in Khartoum and would like to book a tour or overnights in our properties in Meroe and Karima, please contact:

Italian Tourism Co. Ltd. Street 31 – Al Amarat Karthoum – Sudan
Tel. (+249) 1 83487961 or (+249) 1 83486004

For all other enquires about our scheduled tours and expeditions, Private and Tailor – made itineraries, Hotel booking in Sudan, Business Travel, MICE, please contact our International office. We will be pleased to reply with the most suitable answers, custom formalities and tour conditions.

International booking office:
Direct line: (+39) 331 5416663 (Whatsapp only)
Email: (If you do not receive our reply within 24 hours from submitting your request, please forward it to:

Skype: italtoursudansedemilano

We will aknowledge your email within 24 hours from when you send it (excluding week-ends). If you do not receive a reply from us within this time, please check your spam box or forward again your email. Thank you for the kind cooperation.

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