Boats in Port Sudan

The Red Sea warm waters and comparative isolation have resulted in a spectacular array of marine fauna. Soft and stony corals thrive to produce a wondrous reef, providing home to innumerable crustaceans, mollusks, echinoderms and fish.

Along the Sudanese cost, water temperature average 27-28°C. This is hot enough to reduce the planktonic and algal blooms that are so common further north. As a result the sea is generally clear with visibility of up to 30m depth.

depending on the boat
depending on the boat

All the boats operate various itineraries and offer different experiences on board.

In addition they are all in full board base when overnight on board is included (Breakfast Lunch and Dinner) tea and coffee, drinking water and snorkeling equipment provided.

Check in the next tab the best itinerary and boat that suits your needs and contact us via telephone, email or visit our office for any more details you may need.

Boat of your choice

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